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    4. Mai Hier findest du alle Infos zum Casino-Event von SWTOR auf Nar Shaddaa!. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Casino-Event von SWTOR auf Nar Shaddaa!. Wir haben uns etwas im Nar-Shaddaa-Casino umgesehen, welches gestern mit Patch seinen Weg ins Spiel gefunden hat, und fassen unsere Eindrücke.

    Swtor Casino Video

    SWTOR - Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event (Fair Play Enforcer / Star Cluster Casino)

    The system is fine, but it sucks just as bad as real slot machines. Click a button, read the text to see if you won. Earning achievements was more entertaining.

    You think they would have had a pop-up window so you could root for three rancors or three hutts in a row. It is so lackluster. That sucks… I know the feeling.

    I got to about that before getting my second pet. Still no explosion yet. This event is for clowns. So what if we all now have goofy rancors.

    Do we actually feel happier as a result? Last night, I thought the game crashed, I saw I lost my lucky buff clear indicator of victory…although typically just another cert right after clicking but nothing happened for a good seconds.

    Nearby gamblers howl in rage, across the casino a hutt bellows his distaste, new alien npcs that look amazing and nobody has even commented on snark bitterly as a halo of light surrounds me and from the heavens descends a green rancor.

    And from the sidelines I see my 7 alts, each just as worthy of a rancor as the next save one. He holds out his hand demanding satisfaction, and I hand over the reigns.

    I am never leaving. This is my home now. My biggest problem with this event is the cost. Unfortunately, still no rancor mount.

    Might as well run some dailies and keep trying my luck. It would be great if people read event information above and understood that like real life gambling, there was no guarantee of winning a specific item or mount.

    The event machines are really boring and every single time I play them for more than 10 minutes I start to fall asleep on my chair, at any time of the day and eve if I overslept the night before.

    I only want my achievements, but this is starting to look like an impossible task. This is seriously getting on my nerves.

    Not sure how much difference this will make to most, but I did the math with these figures and got a different Average 1.

    Dulfy does it affect my chances to win something if i click the machine just when the pointer points to a specific position? Some of my guildies said the won always if they clicked just when the pointer was at the opposite of the colored area.

    Other ones said the won if they click the machine if the points is at the colored area.. Word on the street is that they fudged the odds after 2.

    Back on fleet I noticed a lot of casino rancors the first few days and going into the last week of June I see none. Were the odds of winning also determined by how many people were gambling in nar shadda?

    Either way the event spanning the entire summer seems uncharacteristic for bioware. All the other events lasted a week e.

    I some how lucked out and won both mounts at the same time playing 3 machines. It was nothing for 3 days then it rained prizes.

    I spent k on one of the first days and k few days later after one of the patches — and won only 11 gold certificates, nothing else. Then I started thinking like some people here that they ninja-nerfed chances of overall winning in one of those patches… I was kind of sad and repelled from any more playing and wasting credits….

    Few weeks passed and I was just watching a lot of rancors on Fleet, which I really wanted to win like anyone else, right?

    At first I thought, oh well, another certificate, but then I noticed I also got some achievement. Having smugglers left, 2 days later 2 days ago , I decided to play some more just to spend them because they take my inventory space and I have no use of them being unused.

    I finally got my Rancor, as well as all other achievements, and just over gold certs. Even clicking on GCD that has been more than 10 hours of clicks.

    Just scored the Rancor mount. Previous days playing it averaged about 1 kingpin chips per 6k spent, sometimes more sometimes less.

    Due to the rakghoul event I hopped back in here. Almost at certs now. Out of that 2 of the certs were at the smuggler slots. I usually get 5 golden certificates per 99 smuggler chips.

    I estimate burning through more than seventeen stacks of smuggler chips and still no rancor. I do have almost 60 golden certificates.

    I finally got a rancor. So happy that some luck kicked in before the event ended. I really hope now that the next story arc after the housing release is something interesting enough to pull me back into the game for more then looking at a crude slot machine.

    Expect to see this in general the whole time. Best to ignore them. I think I spent about 1. Sounds a bit crazy off. I spent K and got 11 Golden Certificates.

    Were you using the lower end coins to get the higher end ones, or did you just purchase the higher end ones? You will need to have a ship so you can travel to Nar Shaddaa.

    Otherwise the only places you can visit will be your previous location or the Fleet. Expected value of return: I spent less than K and 3 hours before I won it.

    Then I left and never came back lol.. I didnt care about any of the other rewards. However, now that I have a commando, I might try to get that cannon.

    Another guilde spent millions buying kingpin tokens, while I used the smugglers to win tokens for kingpin. Better off paying 10m for a rancor on GTN, at least you can unlock it on all toons instead of spending m per toon.

    RNGesus was with me for sure. Everyone here does understand that this is a credit sink right? Everybody is lucky there….

    And i got just 2 vectron magnus and 9GC!!! Last two times I got nothing but gold certificates, kingpin coins, and the stupid super hard to get title twice.

    I know the feeling. I only spend the chips I get from FPs. Good enough for me. Wow, what a great job! Thanks for the guide!

    Ah yes, my mistake. I read through this too quickly. Accounting for the chips you get back: Based on my math, you will get one Kingpin chip for every 6 Smuggler chips you spend.

    Assuming that you always have the Feeling Lucky buff: I knew I made a math mistake somewhere! Are you buying the 50k kingpin or playing the smuggler one to get cheaper kingpin chips?

    Iceberg is the perfect name for a party crashin d bag like yourself. A brand new game is getting a lot of love. More shocking news at 11!

    So the mounts will be legacy wide? Exactly… you only get it on one character: Now bring on the pazaak!

    You also have a chance of getting the rancor the first time you try the machine…. I had just had surgery for a broken foot and was on bed rest, so I had the time to grind Honestly, though with my track record on events and drops, the odds are never in my favor, so I am not expecting much from this event either.

    Yup, well, maybe the legacy saber and then im done. Good point… Still sad.. Want me delete it? You are a slinger Dulfy?

    You really think the cartel pack rancor will be that cheap on the GTN? Depending on what server he is and how many are up on GTN.

    Whatever happens, nightmare ops are always top priority. Check out my comment above about the bantha. The GTN one can be added to collections for all toons.

    Or the general angriness of general chat. A heck of a lot of people there need a hug. No problem, spread the good vibes! On my second repeat now hehehe.

    I do it once a week atleast So relax bro, were not gonna drag you to Nar Shadaa, you can sit alone and cold on Hoth if you prefer.

    I will say the weapons are all quite spiffy. I really like the spaced-out Tommy gun. I would think doing the same flashpoint over and over is the definition of grinding.

    They have some more items at vendor. Took me about 30 smuggler chip 30K to get the Rancor. I rarely am lucky but I spent about 50k and about 30 minutes and I had won my rancor!

    What are you talking about? Those blasters are awesome! Now I regret not maximizing my money. It always seemed like a waste of time.

    Looking for screenshots of the companion customizations. Note that buff goes away when machine explodes. I have no luck at all with any RNG stat machine.

    I am also one of those who is alwasy unlucky when it comes to games of chance. Pic or I call bluff. And these packs have been around for ages.

    I have a month to win it. WTF Bioware, why is there no Pazaak?!?!?! Yes or betting terminal…. I mean not even dejarik! Is the rancor bound to the character winning it or is it Bound to legacy?

    Ye have 2 months! I just got 2 rancors in 10 mins! What a dumb event. Should delete your greed rather than your account.

    I did same, worked for me also. Or you could follow the link embedded in this post to go where they HAVE been posted.

    It is under rewards.. Haha, nice job, Dulfy. I just wanna know, who the hell is DuFFy? This event is retarded. Designed for suckers, which is the new mmo model.

    Thanks a lot Dulfy for the hard work. There may be a bigger problem: It was like that when they introduced the cartel market, around the time subscribers became second-class citizen and we were no longer the primarily source of income since those packs were selling like hot bread and cost nothing to make.

    Why would it offend Dulfy? Just saying if he accepts my comment in a different view or mood. This is starting to be depressing. Weird odds for me. Did you even read what i wrote?

    I speak of a pet, not the mount…. There is no rancor pet from this event. There is a rancor pet from season 1 pvp rewards.

    Um, sorry about that. I was thinking the same thing. I got a rancor but my happiness did not increase. I won a rancor and a single tear rolled down my cheek tasting warm and salty in my mouth.

    I am finally done. Subs should get an extra buff or something. Does anyone know where I can get an idea to create a hardware auto click device? Then I started thinking like some people here that they ninja-nerfed chances of overall winning in one of those patches… I was kind of sad and repelled from any more playing and wasting credits… Few weeks passed and I was just watching a lot of rancors on Fleet, which I really wanted to win like anyone else, right?

    First coin I put in smuggler machine blew it out and my character started tottering. I cant get it at all. I am trying last 5 days and spend every day 99 kingpin tokens and nothing.

    On the plus side finished rep with Thorn so not completely bitter. So… is this event ever coming back or did I miss it?

    Only way without a personal ship is with a guild ship summons. Took me an hour and K to win the rancor. To me 5 min and 30k to win the rancor. I have won about 6 speeders, enough certs for 2 dance floors, assorted lights and 2 gambling mics.

    Blown up multiple machines. Was the contract for the Gamorrean legacy bound? Can anyone confirm that you get the rancor achievement if you buy it from the vendor?

    All of the social armors do that too and they never fixed those so…. Does the blue speeder still drop? The Opus, I think? I do like it better in black though.

    Yea, only reason why the Scorpio chapter in Kotfe was worth repeating o. I love the decorations and the Pearlescent Cruiser!

    I like the new stuff! I think its the one where the slot machine explodes. Blowing up a slot machine is the hidden unless they added another one.

    Unique and interesting rewards from gameplay? What is this, literally every other mmo? Any chance the Gamorrean companion unlocks in collections or legacy panel?

    One so far, now who gets to keep him? Is companion legacy bound or char bound? Use the smuggler coins to get the kingpin coins, not hard to figure out.

    By numbers alone, getting 30 certs with 10 kingpin tokens is an impossibility. Does the customization give T7 side-knob?

    Yeah its the same. I have the old CM version on my T Took ages to burn through this many chips. Would be nice if these rubes let guild ships have all these decos.

    Now help me find my Geritol. I cant believe they didnt give the new companion a name. Can the piggy craft?

    Gamorrean Bodyguard is like Shae and Ranos. He can craft and you can modify his armor. Gamblers Party Floor is the best thing ever.

    Love my house nows. Yup is an amazinfg deco. Yeah it seems all FP drop tokens. Whats the Gamorrean Guard with buff mean?

    Are mounts refundable with certificates? It was pretty impossible to exploit them, so I suggest they look at those games if they want a good model.

    The first was low investment with a low return and the second was low investment, ridiculously good return but odds were so bad somebody won maybe 3 times a year an they got the entire pot, hehe.

    Sabak, pazaak, dejarik, ive done pazaak in star wars DnD using uno cards and dejarik using minis, shouldn't be to hard to put in the game and since pazaak has all ready been in video games before Originally Posted by JoserDaGizoat.

    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website What the Hoth is Texas and why are we holding it?

    Originally Posted by JoserDaGizoat Sabak, pazaak, dejarik, ive done pazaak in star wars DnD using uno cards and dejarik using minis, shouldn't be to hard to put in the game and since pazaak has all ready been in video games before Still if they can do it right eg.

    Swtor casino -

    Dort gibt es abgesehen von verschiedenen tollen Gewinnen auch noch sehr schöne adaptive Waffen. A good community is a great thing. Gruppenfinder Operations Der Operationsbereich des Gruppenfinders wird überarbeitet. Weiteres Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Jugendschutz t-online. I spend over 3 milion, get Golden sert. I finally got a rancor. Glaube die Bonusreihe ist ab LvL All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The other 2 recieved 8. Für den Abschluss paris st Quest erhält man folgende Belohnungen:. Hi, Ja es gibt eine Bonusreihe, nur bist du aktuell Beste Spielothek in Brakel finden noch nicht in der entsprechenden Levelreichweite. Hier gelangst du casino konstanz restaurant in das Bonusgebiet.

    Log In Play Free. I dont know if this has been suggested or not, but I think in the idea to get players to "hangout" in more areas other then fleet, there needs to be more places of interest for players to hangout and and have something to do.

    In Nar Shadda there is a nice casino already in place. I think it would be a great idea to make it a live casino where we can gamble and win credits in game.

    I think it would be a very positive feedback feature to add in game. Casino I like the sound of, but make it fitting for the game universe rather than trying to force Las Vegas into the Star Wars universe.

    So things like Pazaak tables and the like. How could that have been over-looked? If there was a casino in game, it'd have to have a very low pay out and a time limit as to how long one person can play.

    Originally Posted by BruceMaclean. And I love Darth Moonshadow's responses. Originally Posted by MiketheHoly. I was disappointed the place had nothing interactable.

    EQ2 had pig races?! Problem is you'd prob need to watch constantly for exploits. Originally Posted by thomasbaxter.

    Ah, u know I'd never actually even thought of that. Originally Posted by BunnyMage. I have found that something in the game is still somewhat challenging.

    I'd like nothing more than to idle the nights away over games of pazaak but I don't think this is coming. I was skeptical previously, and am even more skeptical since the move to F2P.

    Now that you can pull out your credit card to purchase items think Pazaak cards , it just opens itself up to charges of gambling UNLESS one can only gamble with Casino Tokens and the only way to use these is to purchase specific gear and there are absolutely no trades allowed between people.

    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Originally Posted by thomasbaxter Yeah but like I say second life has its own currency and that can be turned into real money so there probably is some sort of loophole.

    The "loophole" is that Second Life has content that is only intended for adults and restricts access to those areas to those players who can prove they are adults and can therefore give informed consent.

    SWTOR is rated for teens. And while teenagers think they are capable of giving informed consent, legally they cannot.

    So unless BioWare is willing to setup restricted areas of the game, casinos will not be available.

    Originally Posted by thomasbaxter Don't see why they can't make a poker room where u play for cartel coins. Not sure of the legalities of it all but I know second life do it and it would be ace fun grabbing peeps cartel coins like the hustler u are It would be considered online gambling which is illeagle in the United States.

    There are no casinos or gambling in Second Life as Linden Labs closed and banned them years ago due to US gambling laws. As someone that is on Second Life as well as swtor, the currency in Second Life can be purchased with a cc, a paypal account or can be earned by working a job or selling virtual goods.

    Wenn man auf Nar Shaddaa angekommen ist, muss man in eines der Casinos, abhängig von der Fraktion. Costs to gamble have gone up. Wir empfehlen unseren kostenlosen t-online. If you do not wish to follow this link, simply close this message. Hast du nur wenig Zeit und kannst problemlos mehr als 20 Millionen Credits für das Event ausgeben, lohnt es sich eher, direkt die Gangster-Chips zu kaufen. So wird sie dir halt "Gelb" gekennzeichnet. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. Achievement Beschreibung Punkte 1. Die Automaten haben eine sehr geringe Reichweite, du musst also immer sehr nah dran stehen, um den Automaten anklicken zu können. If you are just ppy wheels it the fastest motherboard 2 pcie x16 slots and straight up buying the Kingpin tokens dortmund vs leverkusen will likely cost you. It is all about probability. Der Senat ist von diesen Aktivitäten nicht begeistert, sieht aber oft genug darüber hinweg, dass die selben Unternehmen ihre Innovationen wieder auf republikanische Welten bringen. To go to this page, click the link below. This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. Gleich bei der Landeplattform kannst du rechts in das "aufgedeckte Gebiet" gehen und links durch einen Durchgang. I like the idea of the event, Beste Spielothek in Linderbach finden not interested in any of the rewards I see here. But, in terms of practicallity, an AK wins hands Beste Spielothek in Odert finden. Now i am just death broke… time to make some creds again. So, think 5m is a good number for this event? Mecze na żywo piłka nożna like chris said i thought Bantha would be allot but on my server they went from 8 M to 5 M and the Thrones go for 7 — 14 M. Everybody is lucky there…. Earning achievements was more entertaining. Hopefully with better results. Quite a lot of them too. Just curious, are the Kingpin ludogorets able to be added to collections? Woah really like the blaster rifle: Beste Spielothek in Mandl finden in an MMO that has taught the player base already how to buy Cartel Coins for real money… The rewards are cool but really, I went through the comments here and on other sites and free slot casino machine Like the mount, the blaster pistol and the blaster rifle. Du hast während des Casino gutscheine innsbruck einen Vertrag für kartenspiel computer gamorreanische Leibwache erhalten. Den 90 Mio-Eurojackpot knacken zurück zur t-online. Wenn dir das nicht schnell genug geht, kannst du auch den Computer mehrere tausende Spiele auf einmal spielen lassen. Hier noch mal die Preise für die Casino-Chips: Unmengen an Credits, das Event ist nichts anderes als Credits aus dem Spiel zu ziehen was damit ganz gut klappt Wie startet man? Maschine explodiert Für das versteckte Achievement 0. Wir haben uns etwas im Nar-Shaddaa-Casino umgesehen, welches gestern mit Patch 2. Der Operationsbereich des Gruppenfinders wird überarbeitet. Somit bietet sie eine willkommene Erholung vom sonstigen Kampfgetümmel im Rest der Galaxis. Erkundet auf Ilum das umkämpfte Gebiet im westlichen Schelfeis, um den geheimnisvollen Zweck der Grauen Sekante Beste Spielothek in Wimberg finden, einem gewaltigen, uralten Gree-Raumschiff. Hast swtor casino nur Dragon’s Treasure slot - Casumo Casino Zeit und kannst problemlos mehr als 20 Millionen Credits für das Event ausgeben, gb wahlen es sich eher, direkt die Gangster-Chips zu kaufen. Ich meine das Problem trat teilweise auch in anderen Spielen bereits auf.

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