News. Welcome to the official homepage of Fictional Me!



We've moved into other social medias.





New gig!! We're gonna rock Live At Heart, Friday (16/9) 22:00. The place is Harry's on the upper floor.. Visit Live At Heart for more information.



We're proud to announce another gig! The two-day festival Bungle Fever in Köping celebrates 5 years! And Fictional Me will be there to contribute! Our gig starts 23.00 at Friday, Dec 3rd! Location is Smedjan, Glasgatan 20, Köping. Prices are 40:- / 1 Day and 60:- / 2 days. Visit Bungle Fever for more information.



Another live show! Kulturnatten at B-salen, Kulturhuset, at 19:20 19/11. Free entrance! Be there and support!



Bandclash at Satin time update! Tomorrow, Wednesday, we'll start playing at 21.00. Spread the word and make sure you show up!



We'll be playing live at Satin, Örebro the 27th of October. Time for the gig will be posted shortly. For tickets, contact us on our email: .



The Live at Heart gig is finally set. We'll be playing at Buddy Holly Bar, Fri Sept 10th, 23.00-00.00. You buy 2-day tickets through either Ticnet or from the Najz Prajz Store. For more info about the event, please visit Live at Heart.



Fictional Me will open this weeks "Rock On!" with Shane Carlson on ARfm...tune in on Sunday 8th August at 1pm UK (equals 2 o'clock in Sweden) ... Link to ARfm



We're playing at Live at Heart , a two-day festival in Örebro. Time and date will be posted here shortly but it will be either 10th or 11th of September.



BRAND NEW TRACK FALLEN is now released! Finally the waiting is over! With a more fresh and modern sound and production 'Fallen' gives a sneak-peek at the several upcoming releases that will follow in this autumn.

The song is available both HERE at the official Fictional Me site and at MYSPACE.

In additional, we've got a new flashy FACEBOOK PAGE. Make sure you check it out!

Post comments on the new song at both Facebook and here at our GUESTBOOK, it's highly appreciated.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming songs and the massive update of the website!



We are participating in the music competition metro on stage. We would appreciate it if you voted for us.

Also, as heavyhallis noticed, the link to pollywogs progcast is outdated so here's the currently working one instead.



Happy Birthday Jake! :)



Once again we have been quiet for a long long time but I can assure you that we haven't stop existing. Fictional Me is very much alive and during the last three months we've been composing new songs. We finished recording the music for one of them last week and the vocals will be recorded as soon as Alex and I manage to wright some fitting lyrics.

Apart from the ordinary Fictional Me touch on all the songs I can also promise you guys some new sounding stuff, both heavier and softer than before.

As always I'll keep you up to date with all the releases and news conserning the band.

Take care!

//Tony Lindgren, Fictional Me



We've been played at Pollywogs Progcast ! In both episode 15 and 16. Check it out!



Merry Christmas and a happy new year!



We would like to thank everyone who showed up at both the Broder Tuck and Kulturnatten gigs!



We have some additional info about the Broder Tuck live gig. They start letting people in around 20.00 and the first band is gonna start playing 21.00. New livegig - we will be playing live at Kulturnatten in Örebro Friday 13th of November. For more info about our gigs check the live page.



We're going to play live at Broder Tuck Fri Oct 23rd. Time will be updated shortly. For more info check the live page.



Many thanks to Stig at JAM Örebro for sponsoring Alex with drum accessories.



Happy Birthday Joakim! :)



We are proud to announce that the official homepage has undergone a vast improvement of the design. The contents of the pages will shortly be updated as well. After our summer-break we're more motivated than ever! As a result of that, we're going to arrange more live gigs. So if you want us to play at a place near you, please let us know. Maybe you already know the perfect place for us to play at. Drop any comments at either the guestbook or to our email.



Finally! The brand new two-track single is complete! You can find it at the media/audio section as well as at the discography section. Please leave comments about the single at the guestbook and last but not least we'd like to wish all of you a great summer!



We have started recording two new songs which will be released in June! Keep an eye out here at the official homepage!



Happy Birthday Tony! :)



We have had some questions about when we're going to release some new songs, and the fact is that we're all very busy at the moment but we're planning to release a couple of new songs as soon as possible! So hang in there...



Happy Birthday Jake! :)



We have uploaded two videos from the live-gig at Stampen (Feb 2nd) to youtube. You can either look for them there or check them out at media/videos here! There's also more info about the Broder Tuck show at the live page.



We will be playing LIVE in 13th of March at Broder Tuck, Stockholm. More info will be posted shortly. Check it out at the Live page.



Sorry has been released as a single through bbrecords and we've also added some promo-pictures at media/pictures! (The pictures were shot by Emma Markström) Please check them out!



We would like to thank the amazing audience at Stampen last night, you really rocked!



Additional Info about our live-gig at Stampen, Stockholm feb 2nd. We will play 22:55 -> 23:35, so make sure to be there in time. You who have bought tickets through us will show your numbers at the entrance! See you there everyone!



We will be playing LIVE in 2nd of Feb at Stampen, Stockholm, check live page for more info..



Our brand NEW single is finally done! It contains two tracks which can be found under the media/audio section! We have also added some pictures from the live show in Stockholm. With these holiday treats we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Please vote for us to play at the festival "Putte i Parken 2009".. Use Search (ctrl-f), Press 'Rösta'. Thanks!

Click Here To Vote / Klicka Här För Att Rösta

Var så snälla och rösta fram oss på festivalen "Putte i Parken 2009". Använd sök (ctrl-f), Tryck sen på rösta!



We will be playing LIVE in 14th of Nov at Konserthuset, Örebro.



We will be playing LIVE in 6th of Dec in Farsta, Stockholm. Details of the location will be found shortly in the 'Live'-Section. Also all our current reviews are now accessable in both English and Swedish under the Media Section!



We have now been reviewed for the 3rd time! Check out the review HERE (it's in french). And also we have updated 'playlist of the month' in the personal pages. A new logo picture is also added under media!



Personal Pages now updated with playlist of the month and new gear added!



We can proudly announce that we're gonna be played on P3 (swedish national radio) in the show P3 Lab on thursday. The show starts 22.00 CET and lasts an hour. Our song Betrayed will END the show! so tune in to P3 thursday about 22:45 !!!

We can also proudly announce that we've been reviewed at Click HERE to watch the review (it's in italian).



The whole website has been updated and reformed.



The first review of our demo -> click here <- (swedish)



Our Myspace updated and cleaned up!



The faulty link and font corrected.



The demo is now done! look for songs in media! We will have an extra track in late summer so be sure to keep yourselves updated here!